Fiber Chip Sealer

Not only can the LMT5316TFCW fiber chip sealer distribute asphalt, fiber and gravel simultaneously, but it can also distribute a combination of any two of the three media simultaneously or any one of them. Once released, the road construction equipment has garnered high praise and recognition among experts and users in the industry.

1. Accurate spreading volume, perfect overlap of three layers of asphalt, high uniformity;
2. Intelligent control of spreading volume, real time monitoring of spreading volume and speed, closed-loop control;
3. Computer control with touch screen, video monitoring system optional for observing the entire construction process;
4. Reliable performance;
5. Immediate spreading without preparation time, simultaneous spreading of asphalt and stone chips;
6. Modular design of control system, ensuring low fault rate and easy maintenance;
7. Efficient heating system and heat insulation system, enabling pipes and nozzles to work normally without obstruction
8. Pneumatically controlled nozzles and charging doors, each of which is independently controlled by computer.

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