Antiskid Fog-Sealing Asphalt Distributor

The LMT5255GLQW antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor is especially suitable for newly constructed highways that have been in operation for 2-3 years and do not suffer from excessive pavement wear and tear. It can slow down the occurrence and amplification of road deterioration thereby decreasing maintenance cost. In addition to new or recent road applications this asphalt distributor can also be used for pavement where asphalt wear is serious. By means of recycling and rehabilitating processes, it can improve the worn asphalt. With high permeability, it can prevent crushed aggregates loosening or fine gravel erosion. The pavement with fog-seal treatment is waterproof and can resist permeation against petroleum compound and anti-freezing agent. In addition, it is not easily fractured or peeled off and features high viscosity, ductility and durability. This pavement maintenance technology also features by a unique snow melting function. It can reduce the temperature for melting snow by 5℃. It can reduce the chemical corrosion to the pavement, rehabilitate asphalt property, prolong its service life, reduce maintenance cost, beautify pavement and improve the visibility of highway signs and markings. These benefits allow for great cost savings and great increase of the asphalt life span also increase consumer satisfaction as the road looks better for a longer period and we don’t have to deal with unsightly and damaging potholes.

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