Binding Agent Spreader

One of our top products is our binding agent spreader. It is one of the component machines used in the cold in-place recycling process. First, it spreads cement or other powder materials such as fly ash and lime on to the road pavement. Then, the cold in-place recycling equipment conducts milling work on the pavement and produces a new reinforced layer. This entire recycling processes is completed in one stroke. This technology was first developed in the ‘80’s and through the years has evolved into a process which can maintain damaged pavement up to over 750px. As a central road maintenance and reconstruction method, cold in-place recycling process has garnered wide recognition among numerous countries around the world. This process can be applied to maintenance or reconstruction of a wide range of roads from gravel road without surfacing to arterial highways bearing high loads. Another integral piece of machinery is the LMT5250FSB truck mounted cement spreader from METONG. This product has achieved four national patents, including: adjusting plate on the shock absorption beam, conveying screw, dust collector and spreading unit. In comparison to the traditional manual spreader, the equipment features intelligent control, one-man operation and computer measurement. This ensures high accuracy spreading volume. In addition, it can avoid dust pollution, reduce downtime and solve untimely coagulation.

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